We have 15 years experience of supplying software and hardware solutions to computer users. We look for the best products for our customers rather than taking a broad brush approach and offering everything available in the marketplace.

We understand that lots of people work 24 – 7 and want access to suppliers at all times. We’ve designed this website so that you can get information about the products we supply at any time. For iPod owners, we understand the need to make sure the products will be compatible with your particular type of iPod and as such we have put together an iPod Compatibility List in our Information section. We hope you will find this useful.

Our on-line ordering (and fulfillment – selected software products only) system means that whenever you want to go ahead and order you can do it in your own time. You can also place your orders by telephone or fax. Wherever possible we will supply software electronically if that is the mode you prefer. We can also supply boxed products but this depends on our suppliers and we will advise you at the time of ordering.